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Government's Sexy Side.

Some may think that Bill Clinton was the US Government's first brush with sex, however the US government has had agencies involved in the skin trade in the past. One example which comes to mind is the famous house of ill repute (actually it is not a house  at all, but a collection of trailers) just out of Reno, Nevada called the "Chicken Ranch". The owner of this brothel fell afoul of the US tax agency, the IRS. Not being a foolish chap he decided to flee the US for Latin America rather than fight an inevitably losing battle with tax collectors.

The IRS seized his assets, including the brothel, for unpaid taxes and continued to run the brothel for a number of years until a buyer could be found. Sexual prostitution is legal in Nevada and there are a number of such establishments around the state. It is not known how some of the other madams reacted knowing that they had the US government for a competitor.

Canadians should not be too smug. The case of the Department of National Revenue versus Mrs Macdonald is still on the books. In this case the government sued a madam over taxes, knowing full well that it is illegal in Canada to live off the avails of prostitution. But they took her money none the less.

With governments now involved in bootlegging, gambling, dope and the numbers racket can whore houses be far behind? After all, they have already determined the business is profitable. Don't be surprised to soon see "Johnny Canuck Beaver Ranches" or "Uncle  Sam's Salacious Saloons" in your neighbourhood. The profits from these will of course  be dedicated to increased daycare, health and MP's pensions. 416-955-9511

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