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Throw cash at the problem.

Supposing you are the government member for downtown Vancouver, Canada. Supposing your riding is becoming over run with drug addicts. What is the first thing you do?  Well if you were Libby Davies, Liberal M.P. for the area at the time you immediately demand federal money. No program, no objectives, no analysis - just a demand for cash. The presence of money will bring immediate solutions. Knowing that federal money is flowing will cause the addicts to eschew their needles for a night at the  opera.

I like many Canadians have run out of money to pay for the instant solutions. I know the Old Age Supplement and Canada Pension Plan I paid for are probably going to be eroded away through inflation and claw backs. The funds go for other instant solutions, one of the most notable being blackmail paid to Quebec to not secede. When the funding  runs dry the secession will occur anyway.

Because we refuse to pay by putting our wealth out of the reach of the Libby Davies of this world their henchmen have to adopt even more draconian techniques. The collectors have noticed that receipts are dwindling, not just here but throughout the world. I get letters from high taxed citizens of every high taxed country asking for relief. The harder I work the harder the mobsters have to strive. Now they have united in  their efforts.

A new article was added to the Netherlands-Canada treaty with which to assist in collection. If you owe money in Canada dating as far back as ten years ago and you have assets in the Netherlands such as a bank account or property in the Netherlands, tax authorities will seize these and give them to Revenue Canada. The drafters of this legislation completely ignored the concept of the immorality of retroactivity. Common law has always stated that new legislation cannot be made retroactive. There is of course, complete reciprocity. This may have dire consequences for Canadians who have tax avoidance structures in St. Maarten, Aruba or Curacao.

The collection assistance provision is already in the US-Canada tax treaty. However, the Americans have taken the stance of guarding their citizens in that they will not collect Canadian taxes from a US Citizen. Only from some other national on behalf of Canada.

The collection assistance program is a big hit with the tax gougers and you can expect that it will become universal. The only escape is to use countries that have no tax treaties and do not have any reporting requirements. 416-955-9511

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