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TORONTO: The government of the Province of Ontario in its ongoing attempts to override the inequalities created by either state or nature has decided to tackle the issue of the discrepancy in life expectancy between men and women, which now stands at about four years in favour of women. To address this inequality the government has  provided $10 million to women's health groups which will presumably help to decrease  their life expectancy.

Originally, it was considered that the money might be used to further increase the life expectancy of men, however, the political correctness of such a program was thrown into doubt. The bureaucrats responsible for this latest societal breakthrough  are reportedly working on a project which will provide platform or elevator shoes to tall people, cash handouts to the 100 poorest of Canada's richest families and  a program of extended unpaid leisure for the province's unemployed all of which it is hoped will cure these social evils.

The innovativeness of Canada's used to be richest province has not gone unrecognized. Bangladeshi officials are carefully monitoring the success of the program to change the life expectancy gap between men and women in Canada. Their government has a similar  problem in that men out live women in Bangladesh and if Ontario's program is a success money may be directed to a health program for men in that country.




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