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Alex Doulis is an investigative author who has exposed bad behaviour in government (Tackling the Taxman) and national institutions (Lost on Bay Street, Decommissioned).

In his latest revelations he has described how the Ontario Securities Commission operates an extortion racket using criminal methods. The racket is based on bringing a charge of violating the Ontario Securities Act against someone employed in the finance or investment industries. A conviction is obtained using criminal methods and hearsay evidence. Once that is in place a fine and costs are imposed which must be paid if the individual wishes to return to work in the industry. Most victims pay rather than give up their employment.

The Ontario Securities Commission attempted to perpetrate this criminal scheme on Mr. Doulis. However, Mr. Doulis exposed criminal actions on the part of Ontario Securities Commission employees:

Larry R Masci, investigator:

Uttering fraudulent documents Criminal Code of Canada (CCOC) violation 374

Counselling fraud CCOC violation 362

Coercion of witnesses CCOC 423

Jonathon Feasby, lawyer:

Coercion of witnesses CCOC 423

Lying at hearing, Ontario Securities Act violation 122.1

Obstructing Justice CCOC 139.2

These revelations were made to the Ontario Securities Commission’s Chairman, Howard Wetston, and at a hearing into Mr. Doulis activities. This hearing was occasioned by Mr. Doulis having reported an errant stock broker for stuffing and churning widow’s accounts. The Ontario Securities Commission attempted to prove a violation of the Ontario Securities Act (advising without being registered) to discredit Mr. Doulis but was unable to because:

The Commission’s eight witness testified that no advice had been given to them  by Mr. Doulis

No evidence could be produced indicating that Mr. Doulis had been paid for providing advice.

Disappointed with the facts of the matter the Ontario Securities Commission, relying on hearsay evidence, determined that in their minds it was “likely” that Mr. Doulis advised without being registered. Note that the Commission did not prove or convict Mr. Doulis of advising, they more or less had a feeling that he might have. On the basis of this the Ontario Securities attempted, unsuccessfully, to extort over $500,000 from Mr. Doulis.

This was the only avenue open to the Ontario Securities Commission as they could not sue for libel on the basis of his book “Decommissioned” as all the allegations of criminal activity on the part of the Ontario Securities Commission were true.

The Ontario Securities Commission even failed in their extortion effort. They could not get a court ordered judgment against Mr. Doulis as that would have involved bringing the matter in front of a real judge and the possibility of criminal convictions for the Ontario Securities Commission’s criminals Feasby and Masci and others in positions overseeing their criminal activities. The final outcome was that:

Howard Wetston, Chairman of the Ontario Securities Commission when the criminals were exposed, chose not to renew his sinecure but instead chose to apply for a job with the Canadian Senate.

Vern Krishna who heard the matter gave up his position as a Commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission.

Tom Atkinson head of enforcement and overseeing Feasby and Masci fled to Hong Kong.

Larry Masci, investigator, employment terminated

Jonathon Feasby, lawyer, employment terminated

Joan Chambers, investigator, employment terminated

All of the individuals responsible for the abuse of Mr. Doulis have had to find other employment.  The reason that criminal charges have not been laid at this time is that Feasby, the Commission’s lawyer, wrote to the Attorney General’s office in an attempt to interfere with the laying of charges.

All of this can be verified by careful reading of the Ontario Securities Commission posting on Mr. Doulis which shows:

He was not convicted, the Ontario Securities Commission is expressing an opinion

The Ontario Securities Commission has demanded money from him

Has imposed conditions to force him to pay their extortion

The fact that this posting and the book Decommissioned exist are good and sufficient reasons to believe that the Ontario Securities Commission cannot refute the fact that it is a criminal organization. Should you wish copies of the evidence supporting the criminal charges please contact

If you or anyone you know has acted or is contemplating acting on information provided by the Ontario Securities Commission you should be aware that you are consorting with and abetting criminals attempting to extort funds from Ontarians.

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