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FLASH: Dateline Ottawa:

What F. Scott Fitzgerald said about the rich being different than the rest of us applies to politicians as well. Be thankful you don't have their problems.

When the then speaker of the Canadian House of Parliament, Gil Parent, was discovered by his wife to be taking his horizontal refreshments with the lovely Sandra Page  of Toronto his wife took umbrage. She left the cad but as well took her Air Canada  free travel pass. This is the pass that allows MP's, Senators, family and other hangers on, to fly about without having to impose on their tax free allowance. Apparently the only other species to have this ability are heavenly angels. But I digress.

This inconsideration by the wife left the Speaker with a logistics problem. His mambo  partner was stranded in Toronto without free air travel while he was in Ottawa. Thankfully the tax payers once again stepped into the breach and as group volunteered to pay to have a government limo proceed to Toronto on Fridays to pick up the girl friend. Those same taxpayers didn't even balk when it was learned that the driver had to be paid overtime to return the lovely to her digs in Toronto on Sundays.

This latest travel innovation has caused a protocol concern in Canada's government circles. The question now being asked is: if unofficial mates can be moved at taxpayers expenses what are we to do about the multiple wives of Mormon and Muslim parliamentarians?

The answer is: If Air Canada has to pick up the tab for any more free loaders, it is about time to dump the stock. 416-955-9511

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