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Divorce Political Style.

The current mate looking a little shop worn? Varicose veins, wrinkles and sag taking their toll? Then its time to swap the fifty year old for two twenty-fives. Alimony a concern? Not a problem if you're in the political class.

A former provincial premier when retiring to Florida thought that the bikinis were more interesting than support hose and parted with the old wife. To ease her pain of abandonment he put her in the Canadian Senate for $64,000 a year and the big expense  account. Even if she lives to 75 and has to depart the senate she'll get that wonderful  pension. How thoughtful!

A single incident? Not so! Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell having acquired a new toy boy was a touch concerned about former husband Howard Eddy's ability to tough it out in the real world. Rather than force him to survive on generous alimony out  of her pocket she landed him a job on the Immigration and Refugee Board at $89,000  a year.

Watch for an appointment for the former Mrs. Art Eggleton.

This year when you sign that cheque to Revenue Canada you can be consoled that some  of your money is going to alimony so that Janis Moores and Howard Eddy will not feel the heartbreak of abandonment.

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