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"Take Your Money and Run" - Alex's first runaway best selling book. A classic for highly taxed Canadians.  A deal at only 14.95


Take Your Money and Run

"Take Your Money and Run" was printed more than ten times and became a Canadian mega-best seller. The book was waved in the House of Commons to show that Canadians were fed up with high taxes, corruption and poor services and were heading into tax revolt mode. It caused Revcan (CRA) to change its methods and demand legislation to stop Canadians from heading to industrial strength tax avoidance.

The option previously open to a Canadians to avoid taxes was through becoming a Bermudian- Barbadian shipping magnate or having friends in government. This book will give you the key to the greatest tax escape available to Canadians.

Alex wrote it as a story because of the eye glazing capabilities of any treatise on the Income Tax Act. His hero tired of buying health insurance through the tax system at $80,000 per year decided to live somewhere else and buy it for $3,000 a  year with no waiting.

Save what's left of the rest of your life and "Take Your Money and Run".




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