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"Tackling the Taxman" - Alex's fourth book - read how taxpayers are being abused by CRA and how to stop it from happening to you.




Tackling the Taxman

 After the publication of Alex's tax books he fell under the scrutiny of the Taxman. He was surprised to see that the boys and girls of CRA were not playing by their own rules. Further investigation showed that Alex's case was not unique. Tax collectors were abusing taxpayers from one end of the land to the other. They got away with it because most taxpayers were unaware of their rights and what was happening. The ones smart enough to recognize abuse went to court and this is a collection of cases where the taxpayer won and how their victories can help you when the taxman comes calling and you can  be sure he will.

 Ever wonder what happens to the person who crosses the Prime Minister? They get  to meet the taxman head on. What’s the best job in CRA? Working in the stud pool. Can CRA kill you? Sort of. The only people safe are the government's friendly shipping and bootlegging billionaires. That is why CRA keeps their tax records secret.

This book will keep you safe from the tax bullies. After reading this if you don't agree that our hundred year old method of collecting money for the government is obsolete then you must have Canadian Senate expense account.

 Our system is in need of overhaul or replacement. You be the judge which after reading this book.

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