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Riding the Gravy Train.

The Government of Canada's Via passenger rail service is strictly upmarket. The Orient Express pales in comparison. What other rail system provides its chief executive  officer a $72,000 annual expense account?

Terry Ivany the head of Via Rail tries to get by on a paltry $170,000 salary. By taking this meagre amount it is hoped that Via's $200 million annual loss might be diminished. However, Dom Perignon doesn't come cheap in Canada what with the high taxes and all so Mr. Ivany has to resort to his expense account to keep the bubbly on the table.

Many Canadians would be happy to live on Mr. Ivany's expense account which on a pre-tax basis is worth about $125,000. However, they shouldn't worry about these high living executives. This cost is no longer being added to the deficit - it now goes straight to the average Canadian's tax bill.

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