The Bond's Revenge" - This book is a best seller after every stock market crash.

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Look at your equity portfolio. If you could just hold on to those gains you could live well for the rest of your life. However they don’t ring a bell on the floor of the exchange when it is time to sell. The outlook will be beautiful on the day the market crashes. Your broker will call you and tell you to hold on. A week later after the market has lost another twenty percent he’ll call and tell you that there is no hope. He wants just one more order before he jumps.

Did you buy those stocks to sell? If you did you are a speculator and like eighty percent of the professional speculators you will under perform the market.

For Angelo there seldom is a time to sell. His investments have a little appreciation over time but every year throw off $100,000 - cash. His investments never suffer gut wrenching price drops. In fact the people who Angelo has invested with promise to give him his capital back - all of it. If only you could convince Nortel to give you back the $100 a share you invested in it. Actually Nortel did give Angelo $30,000 when they redeemed their 1996 bonds.

There is a secret that your broker doesn't want you to know. Eighty percent of the mutual fund portfolio managers fail to beat the indices. So your probability is, like theirs, to do worse than the general equity market. The corporate bond market just keeps rolling along giving real returns year in year out. This book tells you the methods and returns available from corporate bonds. It's what the well funded pension funds are invested in so why aren't you?

 “A common share is just an interest free loan from the public”.

Conrad Black

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