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"Lost on Bay Street" - Alex Doulis' reminiscence of the good old? bad old? days on Bay Street, he’ll never eat lunch in Toronto again!

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Lost on Bay Street

Did you ever wonder why the stock brokers had yachts and their clients didn't? Or what do you do when you are a Canadian tycoon and your daughter marries a bank clerk from Lambeth, Ontario? Who is the smartest guy in the world? If these questions have ever intrigued you then Alex will walk you down Bay Street and you can see it all fall into place

Today you hear of the lofty title Mining Research Analyst. Did you know that at the start mining analysis was done during the night. At Alex's old firm Gordon Capital, as well as Dominion Securities and Canada Trust the traders had found a great new exercise to expand their girths. It was called front running and this book will tell you how you too can benefit from this soon to be Olympic sport.

Find out what the secret weapons was that Gordon Capital used to destroy all the old time pillars of prosperity for the investment industry. There is a serious question you should ask your broker, lawyer or any service provider the next time you step up to pay someone for commissioned work.It is very simple and consists of five words, "Who do you work for?".The answer consist of one word and after reading this book you'll know why that word is important and how it made the Gordon Partners rich.

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